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Go-To-Market Strategies for B2B Companies

Brainheart Growth provides proven turnkey strategic, operating, and talent services to enable early-stage to lower mid-market companies develop winning go-to-market strategies and achieve rapid and sustainable growth.


How we serve clients

Business development operations

Streamline your business development operations with our proven strategies for sustainable growth.

Team structure & organization

Leverage our expert guidance to optimize your revenue team &
organizational structure.

Revenue leadership & management

Benefit from our leadership and management solutions that drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Go-to-market strategy

Develop a winning go-to-market strategy for your company or specific products with our expert guidance and support.

Sales performance

Elevate your sales performance with proven training and advisory solutions including Revgenly, our proprietary revenue assessment tool.  

Industries we specialize in

Sports Technology Software

Customer Service Technology

Subscription Data & Analytics

- Financial Technology

Medical Devices and Software

IT Managed Services


Technology Enabled Services

Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Healthcare Services

Automotive Technology

This is Brainheart Growth

Our team of experts are hands-on operating executives who implement and operationalize the ‘Go-to-Market’ solutions we recommend for driving predictable and sustainable top-line growth. Brainheart employs a holistic approach and focuses on the critical skills and competencies companies must get right before sales happen in order for sales to actually happen: Developing Go to Market strategies and ensuring the required people, processes, products, and technologies are in place to enable sustainable growth. 

Brainheart growth brings both experience (the ‘Brains’) and compassion for helping our clients and their people succeed (the ‘Heart’). Our approach reflects our name and core mission of giving back and helping all stakeholders at our client organizations succeed.