Jan. 11, 2022

Media Contact: Cliff McDonald,

Brainheart Growth acquires Salesful

Firm strengthens, expands its recruitment division with the purchase

Brainheart Growth, a growth advisory firm for lower mid-market businesses based in Madison, Wisconsin, has acquired Salesful. Salesful is a leader in finding and hiring top sales talent.  While today marks the announcement of the acquisition, the two firms had worked together for several months. Seeing an opportunity to better serve clients if they came together, a formal partnership was established.  

“We see so much turnover with salespeople in the lower mid-market. That alone creates so many problems for the organization – missed revenue goals, employee morale issues and frustrated business owners,” said Cliff McDonald, Managing Partner and Founder of Brainheart Growth. “Salesful’s proprietary model worked so well for us and our clients that we wanted to bring them onto the team permanently.”  

Turnover with employees in sales roles is historically higher than in other parts of business organizations.  The massive labor challenges that all domestic employers currently face, coupled with the recent unprecedented mass exodus from the labor market with “the great resignation”, render this an optimal time to help organizations use the best resources available to make better hiring decisions with their sales teams.  

“I met Cliff through a common client, and we immediately realized we share similar core values and we both believed that there is a better way to find, train and develop high performing sales teams,” said Josh McDonald (no relation), CEO / Founder of Salesful.  “A high-performing sales team in the lower mid-market is an amazing competitive advantage, and we can develop a complete solution together.”

Following the acquisition, Josh McDonald will be a partner and lead Brainheart Growth’s People Practice. In the near term the Salesful brand and online presence ( will remain in place.