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Revenue Growth

Take your company to the next level

Our revenue growth service focuses on providing recommendations and implementing the right systems and strategies to empower lower mid-market companies to thrive.

What we look at

10 Revenue Generation Categories

Revenue is no longer a quota owned by sales. The new era of revenue generation is built on cross-functional collaboration and organizational accountability.

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A clearly defined strategy helps a company achieve its revenue objectives, especially when your team understands and believes in it.


Strong company culture and values ensure alignment and maximum productivity from your team of Revenue Generators.

Business process

Established and documented business processes that your team of Revenue Generators adheres to; effectively support all components of the revenue generation lifecycle.

Revenue management & operations

The alignment of your company's Revenue Operations (including Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Sales Enablement, Finance, and Customer Success) with the complete customer lifecycle ensures effective support for your revenue generation teams.

Revenue systems & technology

When the Revenue Generation teams have implemented and are actively utilizing the appropriate systems (technology stack) it fosters efficient and effective acquisition, management, and growth of customer accounts.

Customer focus

Prioritizing customer needs increases satisfaction, loyalty, referrals, and repeat business. Feedback drives innovation and strong relationships ensure steady revenue growth and competitive advantage.

Sales practices & capabilities

Effective sales practices and capabilities drive customer engagement, conversion, and retention. They optimize sales processes, close deals efficiently, and build customer relationships, resulting in increased revenue generation and business growth.


Marketing systems, content, and resources that support campaigns drive the customer journey from awareness, to lead generation, to new customer acquisition, to activation and upgrade.


Product or service offerings and how they are managed directly support the desired levels of engagement from customers and revenue targets.

Pricing & pricing structure

Strategic pricing and well-designed pricing structures optimize value perception, incentivize purchasing, and maximize revenue potential, directly influencing revenue generation and overall business profitability.

How we do it



· Deep dive into core functions

· Identify critical problems that hinder revenue growth



· Actionable recommendations to drive revenue growth

· Provide a roadmap outlining the necessary steps



· Execute actionable recommendations

· Track key metrics and continuously adapt strategy

“Brainheart Growth provided leadership, proven strategies, business development processes and a clear Revenue Roadmap that enabled us to rapidly scale our Business Development, Customer Success, and Sales and Marketing Operations teams and achieve our aggressive growth objectives. Over the past 3 years of working with BHG, we have hit our monthly sales goals for 27 consecutive months leading us to achieve over 200% average YoY growth.”

- Founder/CEO BHG Client

How we are different

Our unique deliverables

Quality of Revenue Generation assessment

Revenue Roadmap

Sales process health scoring

Marketing CRM systems process set up and implementation

Tech stack analysis and implementation

Intros to relevant BHG contacts

Sales CRM systems process set up and implementation

Performance/compensation benchmarking

Assist in candidate selection

BD leadership/training program

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