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Roadmap to $1M ARR: The 6 Essential Steps


While reaching $1M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is a notable milestone, it comes with many challenges. Most early-stage startups focus their efforts on product development and do not think enough about revenue as being one of the main KPIs that they must focus on to create real value to attract investment. Combine this with a lack of sales training/experience common with startup founders and there is tremendous missed revenue opportunity as a result.

When seeking Series A funding, $1M ARR has generally been considered the minimal threshold for venture capital to consider funding a startup company. However, this is just a number to use as guidance to validate market and product assumptions and to generate internal cash to fuel growth. What is more important, is the ability to maintain that growth rate to eventually hit and surpass $10M ARR - generally within a year or two after crossing $1M - $2M ARR.  This webinar will walk you through 6 essential steps that allow you to overcome these challenges and build a foundation for growth that will have you hitting revenue milestones again and again.

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What is QoRG?

Series A Funding

Step 1: Early Customer Profile

Step 3: Market Opportunity & ECP

Step 5: Organized Confident Outreach

Case Study

Step 2: Simple Product Market Fit

Step 4: Identify Growth Functions

Step 6: The Revenue Roadmap


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