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Fractional Leadership

Most lower mid-market businesses do not require – and cannot afford – full-time executive employees in all categories. We can help with Chief Growth Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and other growth positions – all on a fractional, fixed cost basis.

COaching & training

Everyone who wants to be better needs a coach, regardless of years of experience, knowledge or achievements. Most companies do not coach nor train enough and if they do the coaches and trainers are often uninspired and ineffective. An outsider brings fresh perspective and different opinions and observations, which leads to positive change.

Go-To market strategy

Who are your best clients? Who are your most profitable clients? How can you find more of them? Do you have partners that sell your services for you? Are you in foreign markets? What percentage of your business comes from online leads? Is your sales team set up of generalists or specialists? The questions can go on and on and on… Go-To Market Strategy is so very important and many companies have not addressed this in a formal fashion in quite some time, and some have never done this.

Marketing & Digital Strategy

Is your brand strong? Is your brand well known? Does your business get a lot of referrals? How strong is your online presence? Are you taking advantage of all the digital tools and platforms that are available? Is your sales team getting great leads on a consistent basis? Having a great marketing strategy today – and executing on this strategy – is easier than ever before but most lower mid-market business owners and executives don’t know how to do this, and most frequently they don’t even know what they don’t know.

Lead Generation

Most companies don’t generate a significant amount of qualified leads and many times there are simple and cost-effective ways to change this. Referrals and introductions are typically more available than we realize – we just haven’t been trained on how to find them, ask for them, or develop them. Digital marketing has presented many creative ways to generate leads. The top of the sales funnel starts with lead generation and a healthy program that leads to enjoyable results for all team members.

Recruiting & hiring

The best revenue generators don’t look nor sound like what most folks expect. Hiring the wrong person is expensive in many ways and it happens all the time. We know how to find the right people, interview them, hire them – and hopefully train them too.


The members of our leadership team have personal and professional relationships with global executives and leaders in most industries. Once we understand our clients’ business we enjoy facilitating introductions and collaboration between our friends, partners and teammates. Many good deals have developed from this “what is ours is yours” philosophy.

Capital Expansion & Financial Growth Strategy

It is common for lower mid-market companies, especially those that have grown quickly and intend on growing fast in the future, to lack awareness of all the financial options available to promote and facilitate this growth. Capital markets change quickly and there are abundant debt and equity financing options available for most companies. Access to capital is correlated with higher and more sustained growth rates for all organizations.

New & International Markets

Expanding into new states, regions, and countries today is much easier than it was not too long ago. Establishing sales channels and partnerships today can be done more efficiently than in the past. Products and services can be “white labeled” or packaged or branded differently. These are all examples of new markets and a diverse revenue stream typically correlates with higher revenue and valuations.

Pricing & compensation strategy

Could we charge more for our products or services? What is gross margin for our different product lines? Do our salespeople make too much money? Is the base salary too high? How much will I have to pay to get a really good salesperson? Sales finance is tricky. We have built pricing models and compensation models and we can help.

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"I have never received such effective coaching and guidance - I always thought selling was something I could not do and I had anxiety about even trying it - now I enjoy it because I am really just helping other organizations.  They  helped me to change my mindset and it made all the difference.  We have three new clients that I never would have had without this training"

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