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The team behind Brainheart Growth

Meet Our Team

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Cliff McDonald

Partner, Founder


Bernie Taracevicz

Partner, Co-founder

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Josh McDonald



Steve Busby


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Max Rustan



Michael Sirbono

Marketing Manager

Our values


We believe in open communication, honesty, and accountability. Our commitment to transparency fosters trust, integrity, and collaboration, driving our success.


We genuinely care for our clients, team members, and communities. Our empathy and kindness foster positive relationships and make a positive impact.


We are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence, going above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. Our dedication and perseverance propel our clients toward success, every step of the way.


We value authenticity, embracing our unique selves, and fostering genuine connections. Our team brings real passion and originality to everything we do, creating meaningful interactions with our clients.

Lifelong learners

We are lifelong learners, constantly seeking knowledge and growth. We embrace curiosity, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our commitment to learning empowers us to stay ahead and thrive in a dynamic world.

We believe

We are different. We are behavioral scientists, executives, business owners, teachers, and coaches and we put tremendous emphasis on the human elements of revenue generation.
We believe that social and emotional intelligence are more important than industry experience or years of selling experience. We believe in urgency balanced with a long-term outlook. We know that people who feel safe, nurtured, respected, and loved will knock down walls for teammates and give tremendous effort. We love neuroplasticity and believe old and young dogs can learn new tricks.
We believe that the most important predictor of success is hunger and the best feedback we can receive or give is the kind that hurts a little bit. We believe in rigorous honesty. We believe that work should be fun, always, even when we lose – because we know that setbacks are short-term and provide invaluable experience.