Our leadership team has lots and lots of experience in many different industries.  We have been executives at large organizations.  We have founded and grown start-ups.  We have sold companies.  We have bought companies.  We have orchestrated business agreements in every region of the United States and many international markets.  So we have seen quite a bit…. and these are things we are confident classifying as “knowledge”…

  • Each person learns in a different way, and is inspired in a different way
  • Effective leaders do not use fear to change behavior
  • People follow others who exhibit courage, transparency, and honesty
  • Organizations that take a long term outlook are dramatically more successful
  • We are neuroplastic and we can change
  • Stress and anxiety decrease the ability to learn, remember, and perform
  • People who feel nurtured and respected thrive
  • Sales organizations need a transformational theory of leadership
  • Work should be fun


“Sales managers frequently use fear, intimidation, threats, and other unhealthy and ineffective tactics.”